Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation

The Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation (FTR) Department at Koru Hospital offers comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for various musculoskeletal conditions, including rheumatic diseases, orthopedic rehabilitation, rehabilitation of neurological disorders, and sports injuries. The department also provides orthosis applications and acupuncture for pain management, especially in diseases recognized by the World Health Organization.

The department's infrastructure and equipment include various modalities such as ESWT-Shock Wave Therapy, hot and cold external applications, paraffin bath, ultraviolet, infrared, ultrasound, short-wave, and pain-relieving low and medium-frequency currents such as TENS, diadynamic, vacuum interference, electrical stimulation, traction, medical massage, arm ergometer, balance board, finger ladder, weights, and therabands.

Physical therapy and rehabilitation procedures at the department include the treatment of musculoskeletal and motion system diseases, spinal cord injuries, stroke, multiple sclerosis, Parkinson's disease, facial paralysis, joint prosthesis applications, amputee rehabilitation, sports injuries, muscle tears, adhesions, joint movement limitations, post-operative rehabilitation, and prenatal and postnatal rehabilitation.

In addition to these, the department provides breathing exercises, exercise, and rehabilitation in the intensive care unit, and rehabilitation after orthopedic surgery to inpatients in other clinics. Other treatment modalities offered at the department include local injections, trigger point, tendonitis, intraarticular, and kinesiology taping for musculoskeletal pain, instabilities, muscle weakness, and some neurological diseases.

At Koru Hospital's FTR department, patients receive personalized care from a team of experienced physiotherapists, sports physiotherapists, and occupational therapists who use the latest equipment and techniques to help patients recover faster and regain their independence.