Before Your Travel


We, as Koru Hospitals, are committed to provide you the best treatment at the comfort of your home. Yet we acknowledge the fact that travelling abroad for medical purposes can raise questions in the patient’s and companion’s minds. Below we have listed some of the points that we believe can help you getting ready for your healthcare journey in Turkey with Koru Hospitals:

  • Inform your local physician about your current medical conditions and your plan of travelling for medical purposes. Get your expert’s opinion on whether your health condition is stable enough for traveling.
  • Make sure your passport or any other travel document is up-to-date. Apply for the visa if you need one to travel to Turkey. Our International Patients Relations staff can support you with information for the visa process. Please click here to get more information on visa assistance.
  • Pack copies of your medical reports and documents along with the medicines that you use.
  • Prepare copies of all your prescriptions and a list of all the medicines you take, including their brand names, their generic names, manufacturers, and dosages and have them in a hand luggage for your convenience.
  • Once you purchase your flight tickets, make sure the information on the ticket matches the information on your passport / visa / travel document in order to have a smooth travel experience.
  • Consider the alternative ways for monetary actions in Turkey. Advise your bank of your travel plans and keep access to more than one way of accessing money overseas, in case you lose a card or a card fails to work.
  • Upon your arrival, we will inform you regarding the transfer and assistance in our hospital. You will be receiving the details of the organization such as the contact person, pick-up time etc.
  • It is always a good idea to give yourself time, to relax and be calm. This may have a tremendous impact to help you heal faster. Therefore, we recommend you to arrange your time in Turkey in a way that allows you not to rush anything and to enjoy your stay.