Elekta Versa HD

Reliable and Fast Targeted Treatment with Elekta Versa HD
In the Radiation Oncology Clinic of Koru Hospital, service is provided with Elekta Versa HD, a new generation radiotherapy device. Thanks to the Agility TM in our device, the 160 shaper (MLC) determines the shape of the tumor to the target better during the treatment and allows the dose to be reduced for solid rates. Having a high MLC speed contributes to shortening the duration of treatments, while treatment can be applied with great precision thanks to its high positioning technology. Thanks to the special collimator structure, it has 5 times less leakage dose permeability than other linear accelerators. Thus, while protecting healthy organs, it reduces the risk of secondary cancer formation.

Optimal Treatment and Dosage with Elekta Versa HD

Treatment plans are made using the Monaco treatment planning system, which uses the "Monte Carlo Algorithm", which is considered the best for radiotherapy planning. In this way, the most appropriate dose rate for the patient can be calculated by optimizing the biological dose, and the most appropriate tumor doses to prevent healthy tissue damage can be determined.

Image Accompanied Radiotherapy with Elekta Versa HD
Thanks to the conebeam CT technology in our Elekta Versa HD device, we have the opportunity to monitor the area we treat every day and apply the treatments with great precision, making sure that the area we treat is correct. Thanks to the Simetry feature of Elekta Versa HD device, possible errors can be prevented by monitoring tumor and healthy organ movements during treatment.

Point Shooting with Elekta Versa HD – Radiosurgery
With the Elekta Versa HD device, radiosurgery treatments, which are called point-and-shoot among the people, can be applied with great precision in the form of 1-3 day treatments. Thanks to the technology of the device to apply treatment with high dose rate, the maximum dose rate is three times higher and the chance of treatment success increases while the treatment time is reduced. With Elekta Versa HD, linac-based radiosurgery and intensively modulated radiotherapy (IMRT) can be applied faster than similar devices, and thus, patient movement that may occur during treatment can be prevented.

What is Radiotherapy?
Radiotherapy is a way of curing cancer using ionizing beams. It is a treatment method that is generally performed using advanced technology devices to prevent the tumor tissue from regenerating or destroying before or after surgery.

How Many Days Does Radiotherapy Take?
The duration of treatment can be between 1 day and 40 days. The success of radiotherapy is measured by destroying the target tumor tissue and causing the least damage to the surrounding organs and tissues.

It is applied with the coordinated work of a physician, radiation physicist and radiotherapy technician in the field of radiotherapy.

Radiotherapy is a treatment method used before, simultaneously with or after chemotherapy with or without chemotherapy.

Multidisciplinary Approach in Radiotherapy

With a multidisciplinary approach, the damage rate of treatments will always be high. All cancer patients may encounter radiotherapy at one of the disease stages.

Radiotherapy plays an important role in organ preservation protocols. It is an effective method in preventing organ loss or related loss of function.

State-of-the-art devices are used in our hospital. In our clinic, our patients are treated with the new generation Elekta Versa HD high-tech Linak (linear accelerator) device.