Obstetrics and Gynecology

Obstetrics and Gynecology

In our hospital, which is mother, baby and woman friendly, correct and complete medical service is offered combined with high level of comfort. Our expectant mother, who has the privilege of the support of an experienced and well-equipped team during an extraordinary period as pregnancy, also receives a real birth support at birth. Our purpose and understanding of service is to help the birth to take place in accordance with its nature as much as possible. In addition to the doctor, an experienced and willing midwife team is with our expectant mother day and night. Neonatal care, which is provided by a large team consisting of a neonatal lecturer, pediatric specialists and experienced neonatal nurses, offers an environment where all pregnant women, especially the high-risk pregnant group can give birth safely.
Advanced and recent technologies are used in gynecological operations in our clinics. Our clinic, which is a leader in gynecological robotic surgery in Ankara, actively uses robotic and laparoscopic systems in all benign (myoma, cyst, etc.) and malignant (uterine cancer, ovarian cancer, etc.) gynecological problems. The technological infrastructure we have in this regard offers a high level of surgical quality and safety with our experienced surgeon team. 

Diagnosis and Treatment
Pregnancy follow-up
Risky pregnancies (diagnosis, treatment and follow-up)
Gynecological problems
Gynecological Oncological Problems
Reproductive Endocrinology and Infertility

Diagnostic or Therapeutic Procedures During Pregnancy:
Advanced Ultrasonographic Examinations
Chorionic Villus Biopsy (taking a sample from the placenta)
Amniocentesis (taking sample from amniotic fluid)
Cordocentesis (taking blood from the fetal cord)
Special Fetal Interventions (fetal blood transfusion, fluid exchange, other fetal biopsies)
Detecting high risk in double / triple / quadruple tests for Down syndrome screening

Obstetric Surgeries:
Cervical suture to prevent preterm births and miscarriages
Emergency cervical cerclage 
Normal vaginal delivery (birth analgesia when necessary, methods of reducing pain)
Painless vaginal delivery (= delivery with epidural anesthesia)
Cesarean delivery (spinal, epidural, general anesthesia) 

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