3D Tomosynthesis Digital Mammography

Mammography is the only method for breast cancer screening. Mammography is performed with 4 different techniques today and 3D Breast Tomosynthesis is the newest technique developed in the field of mammography. In this method, which has full digital features, 60 to 100 very thin sections of each breast are created and transferred to the computer. The breasts are examined cross-sectionally, so that small tumor tissues hidden among other breast tissues can be distinguished more easily from normal breast tissue. In the largest study conducted on this subject, compiling 3-year data from 33,000 patients, with 3D breast tomosynthesis it is recorded that;
• Lesions detected in mammography are characterized more easily, therefore patients are less recalled for further examination for these lesions.
• Cancer detection rates have increased
• In the group of patients who were recalled for the evaluation of the detected lesions, the ratio of these lesions to represent true pathologies increased, in other words, more accurate decisions were made about the recall.
• The proportion of patients with cancer has decreased after the mammography examination, which is considered normal. 
In this technique, the radiation dose is approximately the same as standard mammography in the most up-to-date devices