Gamma Knife

Koru Hospital has become one of Turkey's best oncology centers with its specialist oncological surgery teams, medical oncology department,  its device park  that has the world's most advanced technology, and the radiation oncology department that was established with the contribution of Oncology's  25 years of experience. Highly successful brain treatments are performed without opening the skull with the Gamma-Knife device, which enables the removal of millimetric masses as if they were taken with a scalpel.
The Gamma-Knife device can create a sharper beam compared to devices such as Cyberknife and Truebeam, which have radiosurgery, and can reduce the radiation dose to the healthy brain tissue by up to one-six thanks to its superior design with a small number of moving parts developed for the treatment of brain lesions. Thus, it can be ensured that intellectual activities, which are critical in the treatment of brain lesions, are not harmed.
Gamma Knife is used in the treatment of pantocerebellar corner tumors, metastases, small or medium meningioma, trigeminal neuralgia movement disorder; and functional neurosurgery, including psychosurgery.