2002- 2008 Gülhane Military Medical Academy
2011-2016 Gülhane Training and Research Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery (Specialization)

2016-2017 Hakkari State Hospital Brain and Nerve Surgery Specialist
2018-2021 Doctor Nafiz Körez Sincan State Hospital

Spinal fractures (open, closed surgery, instrumentation, spine and spinal cord tumors)
Spinal instrumentation
Cervical posterior surgery surgery
Cervical anterior surgery surgery
Cervical anterior - Posterior surgery
Peripheral nerve surgery (carpal tunnel syndrome, cubital tunnel syndrome)
Pediatric Brain and Nerve Surgery
Spine and brain biopsy
Spine stabilization (instrumentation) surgeries
Ataxia, tremor and spasticity treatment
Spine surgery
Cerebellum Prolapse
Spinal cord tumors
Spinal problems
Spinal cuts
Spinal canal stenosis
Intra-spinal tumor
Spinal cord paralysis
Spinal paralysis
Spinal surgery
Spinal tumors

Turkish Neurosurgery Association

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