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    The operation of female genital is called gynaecological surgery. 
    Surgery is inevitable when drug therapy or other alternatives do not serve the purpose.
    When the surgery is necessary, the patient should choose the best choice with presenting all existing surgery alternatives. However, classic open method has negative sides such as more pain, major trauma, long recovery time and increased infection risk. Thus, methods which have shorter recovery time and less risk than open method have been preferred by both medical doctors and patients recently. Classic (conventional) laparoscopy is the most common used one. Classic laparoscopy that is done by using surgery devices which are gone forward from small holes, done on abdominal wall, has important negative sides connected with anatomic details and the patients’ situation besides it has a lot of advantages.
    At this point, Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System can be a fast and effected alternative to eliminate these negatives. Da Vinci Robotic Surgery System eliminates large majority difficulties that the doctor may be faced during the process of laparoscopic operations. The movement in intra-abdominal is more comfortable and trustful and suture and moving hands with using devices have more advantages than laparoscopic. Monitoring areas in detail, putting devices in side of abdomen, observing in detail and bigger 10 times as a3D are possible to monitor because of having double optic system. Complex surgeries with opening small holes on the wall of abdomen have being done sort of more trustful and effective with Da Vinci Robotic Surgery system which is the product of advanced technology until today. Anymore, a lot of gynaecological surgeries has been more advantages with using Da Vinci Robotic Surgery todays.
    Myomectomy: Taking a myoma surgery is one of the gynaecologic use frequently and has been generally done by using classic open method. Myomas have being removed.
    Holes that become after taking myomas should be completely fixed in case of decreasing of infection risk and preventing vaginal detachment in possible further pregnancy after operation. In this point, Da Vinci Robotic Surgery system is a good alternative. With using this method, not only open surgery is not done but also technical limitations are overcome in conventional laparoscopy thanks to advanced Da Vinci Robotic Surgery system.
    Hysterectomy: hysterectomy is surgical removal of the uterus. It is the second surgical intervention among all women operations. The large part of hysterectomy operations have being done by open method. In other possibilities there is hysterectomy that has being done with vaginal hysterectomy and conventional laparoscopy. Both of them have some limitations though vaginal hysterectomy and conventional laparoscopy have more advantages than open method.
    Opening of the fallopian tubes: Laparoscopic surgery can be successfully used to open the blocked tubes or reanastomose the ligated ends of the tubes to regain their function. However, it may be difficult to manipulate and suture the tubes during laparoscopy. Thanks to its advanced technology and high quality vision; this procedure is much easier by Da Vinci robotic surgery, which offers higher success compared to laparoscopy. Robotic surgery may decrease the need for assisted reproduction methods or in vitro fertilization.
    Uterine prolapse: It is often seen. There are pelvic muscles and bonds reducing with the ages in aetiology. The reason is generally the former pregnancy or delivery. The lack of oestrogen, chronic cough and chronic constipation may be also reasons. These operations have being done fast, more trustful and effective with Da Vinci Robotic Surgery and the highest screen quality.
    Endometriosis: It is called to put tissue outside of the uterus that is necessary to be in uterus dice. Findings may be such as aberrant tissue bleeding, cohesion and pain. Cohesion tissues can be opened better and the plan of the tissue can be seen well with Da Vinci Robotic Surgery system.
    GYNECOLOGIC CANCER: All cancer of female genitals have been defined. Among them, ovarian cancer and cervical cancer are the most common. The treatment takes form according to the type of the cancer and phase. While hysterectomy is enough at early phase cancer, it is necessary more extensive surgery.
    Uterine cancer: Uterine cancer is called cancer which are related the tissue of muscle in uterine or uterine dice. It the most common genital cancer. The most common findings are irregular and excessive bleeding or after menopause. The certain diagnosis put forth after pathologic examination. The remedy is only surgery except very early phase. In our day, the surgery treatment of uterine cancer has been also done by Da Vinci Robotic Surgery system.

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