Birth In Koru Has A Philosophy
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Birth In Koru Has A Philosophy

    Birth; the miraculous moment when existence, breath and life are fully revealed

    At Koru Hospital, which hosted more than 30 thousand births in last 11 years, childbirth is approached with a special philosophy in which the health of the mother and baby is protected at the highest level and the experience of the past years and the current science are actively practiced. We were involved in the energies of thousands of souls in these 11 years and now, we have accumulated thousands of memories that we can’t get enough of sharing; thousands of memories that will remind us of the value of unity, togetherness, determination, love and compassion and will be good for our hearts…

    Undoubtedly, birth is the strongest and most magnificent state of existence of a woman and the completion of the family with the new life came into the world. Of course, there is an algorithm for this process. However, every woman’s approach and adaptation to this process is different. The main issue is to manage this process in the most sensitive way, centered on the mother and the baby.

    This process is a whole physically and spiritually and cannot be evaluated separately. While the physical process of childbirth is carefully followed and managed in our clinic, our expectant mothers are always surrounded by a high sensitivity, smiling faces and love. The emotional support they need is always right next to them.

    As Koru Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics team, in addition to medical pain relief techniques, we support our patients  in the light of scientific data with delivery exercises, reflexology, aromatherapy, hydrotherapy, musicotherapy, acupuncture and suggestion therapies in order to keep the birth comfort at the highest level. These practices are explained in detail to the expectant mother by physicians and midwives who are experts in their fields, and the process shaped by the demands of our expectant mother is carefully followed.

    Birth comfort just like at home

    In comfortable and peaceful delivery rooms, we provide our mothers with a privileged delivery service in special delivery environments with our fast access to all kinds of medical techniques, experienced and active midwifery practices, our precision-designed water birth pool and the environmental conditions specially prepared for this application. In addition, in our VIP rooms, we offer the expectant mother comfort in a home environment. While we offer our expectant mothers the comfort of giving birth in the comfort of their home, at the same time, we provide the confidence that they are right next to all kinds of medical interventions that may be necessary.

    With its experienced members, Koru Hospital Gynecology and Obstetrics team, gynecology and obstetrics specialists, midwives, nurses and support staff provide service to expectant mothers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This team, which has adopted the most natural way of giving birth, is always ready and equipped to respond to any possible emergency.

    Strong newborn team and our pediatric team with a newborn application having the latest physical possibilities, carefully monitors our babies during these very sensitive periods. We safely support the birth process with our newborn units, which have the infrastructure to provide all the care that our babies may need.

    Baby friendly hospital

    In our baby-friendly hospital which has adopted mother-friendly practices, mothers and babies are supported with the practices required for the most natural way of establishing this physical and emotional bond in the postpartum period, based on the principle of skin-to-skin contact, early breastfeeding, being one of the cornerstones of mother and baby bonding. In addition to the breastfeeding guidance service, all the necessary environment for mother’s comfort is arranged carefully.

    This exciting and happy adventure in the hospital is also supported by home care services upon the request of the families. Koru health team continues to exist alongside mothers, babies and families for their medical needs.

    The unique beauty of being a family…

    In every new birth, we, as the Koru obstetrics family witness the birth of a woman to motherhood, the unique beauty of being a family, along with the birth of a baby. The hospital’s view of birth is the determinant of birth services, and in this sense, the comfort of birth is enhanced by the view of the delivery team. As Koru family, we have been working with devotion, effort and love for years. Motherhood is the common language of all women and we know that we speak this language very well. That’s why birth can happen anywhere, but there is a philosophy of birth in Koru.

    We are happy to be together with you, with an approach that is based on holistic preventive health services, especially with its maternity services which supports all mothers and babies.

    Some encounters are like magic, while others, if they happen together, are more than their appearance.


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