What Is Mumps?

What Is Mumps?

    What Is Mumps?

    Mumps is an infectious disease caused by a virus. Learn more about mumps symptoms, treatment, and prevention.


    Mumps is a contagious viral infection that causes swelling in the salivary glands. It usually starts with a fever, headache, muscle aches, and swollen lymph nodes under the jaw. The illness lasts for several weeks and can cause serious complications.


    What Causes Mumps?

    Mumps is caused by a virus called mumps virus. This virus spreads through saliva and mucus. You can catch mumps when you come into contact with another person who has the virus.


    Mumps is an infectious disease caused by a virus called mumps virus. It usually starts in the salivary glands, which produce saliva. The most common symptom is swelling under the jaw (parotitis). Other symptoms include fever, headache, muscle aches, loss of appetite, fatigue, and swollen lymph nodes.


    Symptoms of Mumps

    Mumps is spread through direct contact with respiratory droplets produced when infected individuals cough or sneeze. People who are not immune to mumps can also become infected by touching objects contaminated with the virus, such as doorknobs, toys, or other surfaces.


    Causes of Mumps

    Mumps is caused by a virus called mumps virus. It spreads easily through close contact between people. Symptoms usually appear 2–10 days after exposure to the virus. They include fever, headache, muscle aches, tiredness, loss of appetite, swollen glands under the jaw, and painful sores inside the mouth.


    Treatments for Mumps

    There are several treatments available for mumps. These include rest, pain medication, and fluids. In some cases, antibiotics may also be prescribed. However, there is no cure for mumps.


    Treatment Options for Mumps

    If you think you might have been exposed to mumps, contact your doctor right away. They will likely prescribe an antiviral drug such as Tamiflu (oseltamivir) or Relenza (zanamivir). Both drugs work by blocking the virus from replicating inside cells.

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