What Causes Ear Pain?

What Causes Ear Pain?

    What Causes Ear Pain?

    Ear pain is one of the most common complaints among patients. It may be caused by many different things. Find out what causes ear pain!

    Ear infections, wax buildup, allergies, and other problems can cause ear pain. Learn how to treat these problems and prevent future ear infections.


    If you notice any changes in your ears, such as redness, swelling, drainage, or pus, see your doctor right away. You should also avoid using cotton swabs or Q-tips to clean your ears because they can push wax deeper into the canal. Instead, use an ear cleaning solution or warm water with a few drops of olive oil.


    There are several possible reasons why you might develop an earache. One reason is that there is something wrong with your eardrum. This can happen when fluid builds up inside the middle ear, causing pressure and pain. Another possibility is that you have an infection in your ear. An infection can cause pain, fever, and other symptoms. A third potential cause is that you have an ear tumor. These tumors can be benign (noncancerous) or malignant (cancerous).

    Foreign bodies

    If you think you have an object stuck in your ear, try these steps first: 1. Remove any jewelry or clothing items that might be obstructing the opening of your ear canal. 2. Gently pull back your hair so that you can see into your ear. 3. Try blowing gently through your nose. 4. If you still cannot remove the object, call your doctor. 5. Do not attempt to remove the object yourself. 6. If the object is small enough, you may be able to push it further into your ear using a finger. 7. If you do not feel comfortable doing this, ask your doctor to help. 8. If you continue to have difficulty removing the object, contact your doctor immediately. 9. If you have an ear infection, your doctor will likely prescribe antibiotics.


    There are many possible causes of ear pain, including trauma, infections, tumors, foreign objects, allergies, and more.


    Otosclerosis is an abnormal condition where bone growth occurs inside the middle ear. This results in hearing loss and sometimes pain.

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