Brain And Nerve Surgery


When someone who cares about his/her voice smokes, it's not an understandable situation. 60% of the Turkish men and %20 of Turkish women
of Turkish women are smoking and every year approximately 100,000 people are losing their lives depending on smoking related reasons. Then what is this bad habit's harms especially on vocal health? First, smoking causes dehydration, meaning loss of water. Starting from the lips it dries all the vocal tract and it causes inclination to irritations and infections. The worst part is that even being a passive smoker (meaning that a non-smoker being in the areas of the people who smoke) is influencing them negatively in terms of vocal quality. Last but not least, as you know smoking kills (Check the cigarette packs). Laryngeal cancer (throat cancer) is almost never seen in non-smokers but the leading actor in Laryngeal and lung cancer is smoking!

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