What Is Rickets?

What Is Rickets?

    What Is Rickets?

    Rickets is a disease that causes bones to grow abnormally thin and weak.

    Rickets is caused by an inadequate intake of calcium in the diet. It is most commonly seen in children under five years old, but can occur at any age.

    This condition usually occurs during childhood or adolescence. Learn more about this bone disorder and how it affects children.

    Rickets is a common problem among children because they often do not eat enough dairy products. Calcium helps build strong bones and teeth. If a child does not consume enough calcium, his or her body will begin to break down existing bone tissue to make room for new bone growth. As a result, the child's bones become thinner and weaker.


    What Causes Rickets?

    Rickets occurs when there is an inadequate intake of calcium in the diet. This lack of calcium can occur due to low consumption of milk and other dairy products, as well as insufficient exposure to sunlight. Rickets is more likely to affect boys than girls.


    Signs & Symptoms

    Rickets is characterized by bone deformities, such as bowed legs and curved spine. In severe cases, rickets can cause fractures and death. Children with rickets often have soft spots on their skin where their bones were once connected. These areas will heal over time, but they can leave scars.


    Treatment Options

    There are several treatment options available for children who suffer from rickets. However, there is no cure for rickets. Instead, treatments focus on reducing symptoms and improving quality of life.


    Prevention Tips

    Rickets is caused by vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D helps the body absorb calcium and phosphorus, two minerals needed for healthy bone growth. Children with rickets often lack exposure to sunlight because they spend more time indoors than outdoors. They also tend to eat less dairy products and other foods high in calcium.

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