Colic in Babies, What Is It?

Colic in Babies, What Is It?

    Colic in Babies, What Is It?

    Colic is one of the most common problems faced by parents of babies. Learn what causes colic and how to deal with it!

    Colic is a condition that affects infants between 3 months and 2 years old. It occurs when an infant has trouble sleeping through the night and cries for long periods of time.


    What Causes Colic?

    Colic is caused by a combination of factors. These factors include genetics, diet, environment, and stress.


    The Signs of Colic

    Colic usually begins between 3 and 6 months old. It is characterized by crying episodes lasting more than three hours per day. There are several signs that indicate that a baby has colic. A baby who cries excessively for no apparent reason is likely to have colic. If a baby seems uncomfortable during feeding times, he or she may also have colic.


    Treating Colic at Home

    Colic is often treated successfully at home. Parents should try to identify the cause of the problem and then treat it accordingly. Many parents find that changing the diet of their child helps reduce the frequency of colic. Other treatments include giving the baby a warm bath, massaging his or her tummy, and offering him or her a pacifier.


    Treating Colic in Hospital

    If your baby has been diagnosed with colic, he or she will likely need to stay in the hospital until the condition resolves. In some cases, doctors may recommend surgery to remove part of the intestines.


    When Should You Call a Doctor?

    Colic is usually caused by an imbalance between the digestive system and the nervous system. This can happen when there is too much gas in the stomach or not enough liquid in the intestine.

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