Methods Used in the Treatment of Kidney Stones

After the diagnosis of kidney stone or urinary system stone disease, depending on the size of the stone, first follow-up or recommendations about nutrition may be sufficient. If we know the fact that stones under 5 millimeters will fall by themselves at a rate of 70-80%, we act accordingly.

In order to reduce small stones in this way, it is stated that the patient can take plenty of fluids, move and apply heat to reduce the stone. Unless there is very severe pain, it is of great benefit not to use painkillers.

If you have stones larger than 5 millimeters, the location is also very important here, and if it has caused a change in the kidney or urinary system, then we come to talk about treatment models.

When we look at the treatment models, besides taking plenty of fluids, especially closed techniques have become extremely important treatment models in kidney stone diseases or urinary stone diseases today.

One of them is breaking the kidney stone with the sound we call ESVL. Secondly, it is one of the most used techniques to break the stones in the kidney or bladder in the ureter with laser or pneumatic techniques, especially by entering through the urethra, that is, the urinary canal, which we call endoscopic stone treatment.

Again, if the stones in the kidney are larger than 2 cm, the stones can be taken out with the techniques of breaking the stones by entering the kidney from the side, which we call percutaneous as a method. In addition, open methods are rarely used in very large kidney stones.

For this reason, kidney stones today constitute a group of diseases that can be easily diagnosed and treated as easily as they are diagnosed. Especially with the development of endoscopic stone treatments, and the development of such bendable stone tools, which we call both rigid and flexible, endoscopic laser kidney stone treatment, ureteral stone treatment, bladder stone treatments have become much easier and the treatment success has reached up to 95%.

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