Laser Treatment for Kidney Stones

Parallel to the great development of laser technology, the possibility of not breaking the stone, which is one of our previous problems, is considerably reduced in the breaking of kidney stones.

Especially in parallel with the development of this rigid ureterorenoscope or flexible ureterorenoscope in endoscopic stone treatment, the success rate of our patients with whom we have endoscopic stone treatment today has reached up to 99%.

Laser has become a widely used technique in parallel with the simplification of the operation, the fact that the probability of the stone not breaking during the operation is reduced to almost zero and the rate of damage to the kidney in repetitive operations is reduced.

Laser stone treatment, especially with a technology we use under the name of flexible ureterorenoscope, is a technique that we use very commonly in kidney calyx stones, pelvis stones, ureter stones and bladder stones.

So much so that in parallel with the development of laser and the development of flexible technology, it is seen as a treatment method with very good results that we can do in every disease group, from an 8-month-old child to a 90-year-old elderly patient.

This is a technique performed under general anesthesia. It is a widely used technique in urology today as a technique that allows the patient to be hospitalised in the morning and plan the operation on the same day and even discharge them on the same day. When we look at it in terms of costs, it is seen as a treatment method that is very low cost and provides high comfort in terms of patient comfort.

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