Joint Stiffness Calcification In Hip And Knee (Arthrosis)
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Joint Stiffness Calcification In Hip And Knee (Arthrosis)

    Deteriorations in various joints as well as arthrosis disease, which is called calcification among the people, occur usually in hip, knee and waist joints due to the increase in the average age, increase in body weight and decrease in movement in today's society. In addition to age and decrease in movement, arthrosis may develop after an accident or fracture, congenital deformities and rheumatological diseases.

    Preventing the formation of arthrosis is undoubtedly the first step in treatment. Movement, which is essential in the treatment of osteoporosis, especially starting in the 40s, is very important. In general, patients of this age have additional diseases in their 50s. Exercise is also used in the treatment of diabetes and hypertension. The most ideal exercise to be done for all ages is walking on flat and soft grounds found in parks in many places in a way not to put a load on these joints. In addition, swimming and walking are the best therapy for people who have the opportunity to carry out these activities especially in summer, with the effect of contact with the sun.

    Undoubtedly, one of the main treatment steps in the treatment of arthrosis is body weight. Excessive body weight will adversely affect all treatments and especially prosthetic surgeries to be performed in advanced stages. In this respect, getting help from a dietitian would be the best solution.

    Pain will increase with the progression of arthrosis. In the first stages, physical therapy applications and some anti-inflammatory and analgesic drugs can be started together with exercises for the joints. There are many supportive treatments available on the market today. The main thing in these complex treatments is that while using these products, other organs in our body are not affected and damaged. Unfortunately, none of these products have biological and scientific information about their clear and safe use, the therapeutic properties of using these drugs are not known. There are many positive scientific studies about the composition of only GLUCOSAMINE, CHONDROITIN SULFATE AND MSM. Of course, using tablets is easier than treatments such as surgery, but on the other hand, there is a risk of damage to many organs such as kidney and heart. Products recommended by an expert should be used.

    With the advancement of arthrosis and developing technologies, there are now many biological healing treatments available. These treatments are Prp, anterior stem cell transplantation treatment and hyaluronic acid injections are used in older patients. Expert advice should be sought for these treatments and it should be known that these treatments are beneficial in selected patient groups.

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