What Is Color Blindness?

What Is Color Blindness?

    What Is Color Blindness?

    Are you wondering whether or not someone else has color blindness? Use these tips to determine if they do!

    Color blindness is an inability to distinguish between colors that other people see clearly. It affects men and women equally, and most people are born with it.


    Look at their eyes

    People who have color blindness often have trouble distinguishing between certain colors. This means that they might not notice when something changes color, such as when a red shirt turns blue. They also might miss out on subtle details, such as the difference between green and yellow.


    Ask them what colors they see best

    You can use this test to find out if someone has color blindness. First, ask them to identify the colors of three different objects (such as a car, a tree, and a house). Then, ask them to name the colors of those same objects. Finally, ask them to identify each object by its shape. If they fail at any point, then they probably have color blindness.


    Ask them to look at a red object and then ask them to tell you which one it was

    If they answer correctly, then they probably have normal vision. However, if they answer incorrectly, then they might have color blindness.


    Ask them to look through a pair of sunglasses with colored lenses

    If they answer correctly and say “I see red, blue, green, yellow, orange, purple, pink, white, gray, black, brown, tan, etc.,” then they likely have normal vision.

    If they answer incorrectly, then ask them to look at a piece of paper with a large number of colors printed on it. They should be able to identify each color without difficulty.


    Ask them to wear a hat with different colored stripes

    If they cannot tell the difference between two colors, then they probably have some form of color blindness. There are several forms of color blindness, and there are treatments available to help people who suffer from it.

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