Cardiovascular Surgery


    This is the most common reason of people's consulting the internal diseases department and may include alot of reasons which cannot be
    underestimated. Generally, even though it might come both with physical and psychological exhaustion, it can also occur seperately. Physical exhaustion can be described as muscle weakness, weakness or lack of strength but Pshychological exhaustion is defined as distractibility, somnolency and absent -mindedness.
    For all the people who find themselves tired and exhausted should first go to internal diseases department and get the needed treatments and consultations after the examination.
    Stance of Pregnant Women's Belly
    An expectant mother is the center of attention of her relatives and other people with the growth of her belly. This expectant mother who becomes more vulnerable against all external factors with her changing body and soul, is in fact secretly assaulted in the name of 'favour'.
    The individuals including even the butchers and watchmen, who become doctors and scientist all of a sudden about almost every subject, start giving counselling with a great wisdom. Without being asked, they keep giving their profound informations about how to sit, how to nap, what to eat, how to travel.
    I've been an obstetrics precisely for 27 years and I've seen alot of pregnancies. Shocking enough to see that not a single important change has happened in this 27 years. In the first years of my profession, stance of a pregnant woman's belly was a subject which was open to discuss and it still is. Still people are making comments of the stance and structure of pregnant woman's belly. These comments are mostly making the expectant mothers upset. The comments about their bellies' being small for a baby's structure, ptotic for premature birth, pointed or flat for babies's sex and other comments that I can't even recall. Oh and also inner and outter belly matter that I have never understood!
    In fact contemporarily, even in the health institutions with less opportunities can make ultrasound and an important part of pregnant women are examined by the physicians. Details like how old the baby is, its growth pace, stance, its fluid, if there are twins or triplets are told to the mother without any estimations.
    Moreover there are alot of factors which can influence stance of the belly in pregnancy. The conditions like weight, height, the number of experienced pregnancies, features of amniotic fluid, baby's features, differences of your body, skeleton and muscle structure can also influnce a mother's belly stance.

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    Cardiovascular Surgery

    Prof. M.D.

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