Multidisciplinary Oncology Council

Multidisciplinary Oncology Council


Oncological diseases are frequently seen in our country, and it is a group of diseases that can yield satisfactory results in most patients when diagnosed at an early stage and with the right treatment approaches. For this reason, a multidisciplinary oncology council evaluation formed by radiology and surgery departments, especially oncology and radiation oncology, is important for the evaluation of the diagnosis and treatment processes of oncology patients.

For what purpose are multidisciplinary oncology councils held?

In these councils, oncological patients are evaluated with all their examination results, and the most appropriate follow-up and treatment protocol is determined according to the type and grade of the patient's tumor. One of the most important advantages of these councils is that the oncological patient group, which should be evaluated by many departments, allows the patient to start the diagnosis and treatment process quickly and effectively without taking the opinions of many doctors at once. In multidisciplinary oncology councils, evaluation of patients diagnosed with tumor and undergoing surgical intervention, or patients diagnosed with cancer and who need chemotherapy and/or radiotherapy before surgery, deciding on the treatment process of patients after radiotherapy or chemotherapy treatment, chemotherapy treatment determined and changes in the treatment process. It is ensured that the patient who needs to be visited is decided with which treatment he will continue.

Who attends the multidisciplinary oncology council;

To Koru Ankara Hospital oncology councils; Medical oncology, radiation oncology, relevant surgical branch doctors (such as thoracic surgery, general surgery, breast surgery, neurosurgery, urologist and gynecologist, etc.), nuclear medicine, radiology and pathology are experienced with the participation of our physicians. Koru Ankara Hospital multidisciplinary oncology councils are held every week on a regular basis. We take care to ensure that the decisions made about the patient discussed in our council are invited to the council and the result is conveyed to the patient and the patient is informed about the disease.



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