Causes Of Bruising On The Body What causes bruises on the body?

Causes Of Bruising On The Body What causes bruises on the body?

    Causes Of Bruising On The Body, What causes bruises on the body?

    Bruises occur when blood vessels in the skin break, causing bleeding into the tissues beneath the skin. The most common cause of bruising is injury, but there are other factors that can contribute to this type of injury.


    Here's what you need to know about bruising

    Bruising occurs when blood leaks out of damaged blood vessels in the skin. This happens when the walls of these blood vessels tear, allowing blood to leak out. Blood then collects under the skin, forming a bruise.


    Bruises Can Be Caused By A Lot Of Things

    Bruises can occur anywhere on the body, but they are more common on the arms, legs, torso, head, and face. They can also appear on the hands and feet. There are several different kinds of bruising, including contusions (bruises caused by blunt force trauma), lacerations (cuts), hematomas (bloody areas), and ecchymoses (purplish spots).


    They're Common Injuries That Occur During Sports And Other Activities.

    Bruises can happen when there's an impact between two hard surfaces, such as a blow to the chest during contact sports, or a fall onto a hard surface. A bruise can also form when blood vessels burst under pressure, causing bleeding into the tissues. This type of injury is called a hemotoma. Hematomas usually occur after a cut or scrape because the skin has been broken open, allowing blood to leak out.


    You May Also See Them After An Accident Or Injury.

    Bruises are caused by damage to the soft tissue of the body. They're not dangerous unless they become infected. In fact, some people who suffer from bruising often feel embarrassed about it. However, there are ways to prevent them. If you've ever had a bruise, you probably know how painful it can be. It hurts just to touch the area where the bruise is located. And sometimes, even touching the area will cause more pain.


    There Are Some Conditions Where Bruising Is More Likely To Happen.

    Bruising is common among children because they play rough games and fall down frequently. Adults also bruise easily when they hit their head against something hard. This happens when they bump into things while walking or falling down stairs. People with certain medical conditions are at higher risk for bruising than others. These include kidney failure, liver failure, bleeding disorders, and cancer.

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