Pediatric Cardiology


    In the recent years, even though the number of triplets increased in accordance with the rise of the breeding techniques like vaccination and in 
    vitro fertilization, the triplets coming to life all naturally is a rare situation which can happen once in 6000-8000 births. Even though triplet pregnancies mostly happen with different eggs' being fertilised, a small part of them can happen with the splitting embryo comprised of one egg's being fertilised. Triplet pregnancies might be risky in terms of pregnancy complications.The risks like premature birth, diabetes, anemia, anomally of amniotic fluid, high blood pressure, preeclampsia, eclampsia (Pregnancy poisoning), cervical insufficiency, massive bleeding during the birth, placenta previa (Placenta's blocking the birth canal), decollement of placenta (Placenta's being seperated before the birth), need of abdominal delivery can be increased through triplet pregnancy. Especially depending on the premature birth or the problems coming from the premature birth, there's the risk of 9.7% of losing the baby. As the baby's week of birth declines, its chance to live almost declines and the babies who made it out alive has the increasing risk of being neurologically sequelled. In the studies the average birth time is considered as 33 weeks. To lessen the risks of the new born, the ideal birth time is the 35th week.
    Our patient whose last three pregnancy was concluded with miscarriage and whose last pregnancy was examined in our clinic and during this examinations whose waters break when the pregnancy time was 32 weeks and 3 days, gave birth through cesarean delivery and three baby boys whose weights are 1420, 1540 and 1900 grams came to life.
    In our newborn intensive care unit who are examined and treated closely are discharged with full recovery.

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