JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation Certificate

JCI (Joint Commission International) Accreditation Certificate

The Gold Standard in International Healthcare Services

Joint Commission International (JCI)

Koru Ankara Hospital has been accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI), one of the world's leading healthcare quality assessors, and awarded the "Gold Seal of Approval." By achieving this accreditation, the hospital has once again demonstrated its commitment to providing healthcare services in accordance with international quality and safety standards.

Joint Commission International (JCI) is recognized as an international authority that evaluates the compliance of healthcare organizations with quality and safety standards and provides accreditation services. JCI standards have been developed by healthcare experts worldwide and rigorously tested in various regions of the world.

Koru Ankara Hospital has successfully completed the comprehensive and challenging evaluation process conducted by JCI regarding compliance with international standards. The hospital scored highly in critical areas such as patient safety, clinical performance, management processes, and quality standards, leading to the accreditation and the award of the "Gold Seal of Approval" by JCI.

With this accreditation, Koru Ankara Hospital joins the ranks of elite hospitals worldwide and reaffirms its commitment to patient satisfaction and safety.

This achievement is a testament to the continuous training of hospital staff, their patient-centric approach, and their efforts to provide the best healthcare services to patients using the latest technology.

"First in Turkey with SAS"

Koru Ankara Hospital achieved a pioneering milestone in Turkey by obtaining the Health Accreditation Sets (SAS) certificate in 2017. The journey that began that day intensified over the past year, leading to Ankara Koru Hospital attaining the prestigious JCI accreditation.

With this success, Koru Ankara Hospital not only proves that healthcare services are delivered in compliance with international standards at a national and international level but also continues to be regarded as a model institution in the healthcare sector.

During the JCI assessment process, some of the practices at the hospital were recognized as exemplary by the JCI team. These exemplary practices have been submitted to be included in JCI's library for the benefit of other hospitals under the "Best Friends" program.

New Goal: JACIE Accreditation

In addition to JCI accreditation, Koru Ankara Hospital is also pursuing the accreditation process from JACIE (Joint Accreditations Committee of ISCT and EBMT), another global organization specializing in hematology and bone marrow transplants. Being accepted as a member of the European Society for Blood and Marrow Transplantation (EBMT), the hospital aims to achieve JACIE accreditation as soon as possible. This will make Koru Ankara Hospital the only hospital in Turkey with both JCI and JACIE accreditation, and one of only three hospitals worldwide with this dual distinction.

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