Digital Dentistry
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Digital Dentistry

    Dr. Dt. Mehmet Derici states that digital dentistry is the procedures performed with classical methods in dentistry with the help of a smart intraoral scanner and computer. This process is divided into 2 parts. In the first method, the plaster model extracted from the measurement taken with the classical method was transferred to the computer environment with an intraoral scanner. However, since the margin of error in this method is high, its use is decreasing day by day.

    Intraoral scanner and digital measurement

    In the second method, the measurement taken from the patient's mouth with an intraoral scanner is modelled in 3D via software and transferred to the computer environment without error. In this way, errors that are frequently encountered in the classical measurements are ruled out. The margin of error in the measurements taken with the new intraoral scanners drops to 1000/1 levels. With digital measurement, it is ensured that design models that fit inside the mouth and teeth are created in prosthetic applications.

    Optical, digital measurement of the prepared cavity or the prepared tooth is taken from the inside of the mouth with a camera. The design is made with a computer program suitable for the purpose, the block is scraped. After the digital measurement is taken with the CAD/CAM system used in the clinic, the design and production are carried out in a computer environment without human touch and the process can be completed in a single session.

    Dental CAD / CAM systems are today's technology in dentistry, where digital measurements can be taken directly from the patient's mouth, scanning and restorations can be prepared with computer support.

    Thanks to this new technology, a significant amount of time is saved in the classical measurement stages. Another important aspect is that the errors that are frequently experienced in the classical scale are close to zero in the digital scale.

    Having the measurement in digital environment also provides ease of sending it to distant laboratories with a single click.

    After the digital measurement is designed in the computer environment, it is produced from zirconium blocks with a 3D scraper untouched by hand. After the production phase is completed, only the polishing process is done by hand using special materials. In this way, patients do not feel any rough surface after their teeth are bonded.

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