Volkan YAMAN

Dyt. Volkan YAMAN

Koru Ankara Hospital
Nutrition and Dietary

2011 - 2014 Ankara University - Nutrition and Dietetics
2009 - 20011 Kocaeli University - Food Technologies
2005 - 2009 Dumlupınar University - Physics

Technician in the quality control unit at the DYO paint factory
TUBITAK MAM microbiology technician
Ankara Mülkiyeliler Association

While I was studying dietitian in Ankara, I studied as an intern at the CONSULTANT, Ankara Numune Hospital, Ankara Ibni Sina Hospital, Ankara University Faculty of Medicine.
I completed my military service as a dietician in Mareşal Çakmak Military Hospital for 12 months.
After my military service, I worked as a kitchen manager at Türk Pirelli Lastikleri AŞ, which cooks meals for 3000 people a day, within the ISS catering company.
I received a job offer from the Gence International Hospital Hospital in Azerbaijan and settled in Azerbaijan. During this period, I continued to work as a dietician in Georgia.
When I returned to my former company I started to work again cateringt Turkey ISP. I worked as a kitchen manager at Posco Assan TST factory. At the same time, due to my resident status in Istanbul, I continued my consultancy duty as a dietician at Istanbul Medical Thermal Hotel.
Then, I established my own business and worked as a kitchen manager and polyclinic service at Izmit Diyetta company.
I am still working as a Responsible Dietician at Koru Hospital.

Obesity Treatment
Weight Management
Healthy Weight Loss and Weight Gain
Healthy Nutrition in Children and Adolescents
Personalized Nutrition Therapy
Sports Nutrition
Weight Management and Healthy Nutrition During Pregnancy
Weight Management and Healthy Nutrition During Breastfeeding
Transition to Complementary Food (Supplementary Food) Nutrition
Nutrition in Liver, Gallbladder, Pancreatic Diseases
Nutrition in Cardiovascular Diseases
Medical Nutrition Therapy in Chronic Diseases
Insulin Resistance Nutrition Therapy
Metabolic Syndrome Nutrition Therapy
Diabetes Nutrition Therapy
Hypertension Nutrition Therapy
Nutritional Therapy in Celiac Disease and Lactose Intolerance
Polycystic Ovary Syndrome and Nutrition Therapy
Hyperlipidemia Nutrition Therapy
Nutritional Treatment in Digestive System Diseases (Reflux-Gastritis-Ulcer, IBS, Celiac, Food Allergies and Intolerances)

2014 - Obesity Nutrition
2014 - Nutrition in Cardiovascular Diseases
2014 - Nutrition in Diabetes
2015 - Enteral Parenteral Nutrition
2015 - Nutrition in Kidney Diseases
2015 - Carbohydrate Counting Training
2016 - Mass Nutrition Systems Trainings
2016 - Hygiene and Sanitation Trainings in Food Products
2017 - Nutrition in Chronic Diseases
2020 - Nutrition During Covid19 Pandemic
2021 - Metabolic Syndrome Trainings

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