1983-1988 Hacettepe Faculty of Dentistry
1996 Implant Surgery Practice Training
2005 Implant Surgery Practice Training
2005 Smile Design Theoretical and Practical Training
2009 Hacettepe University Faculty of Health Sciences Health Sciences Management Certificate
2010 Intraoral Microsurgery Theoretical and Practical Training
2010 Intraoral Orthodontic Theoretical and Practical Training
2018 Faculty of Health Sciences Mesotherapy (botox, filler) Application Certificate
2019 Faculty of Health Sciences Ozone Therapy Application Certificate

1988-2008 Practice
2000-2005 Ministry of Transport Bursa Dental Clinic
2008-2016 Private Yaşar Dental Polyclinic
2016-2020 Bursa High Specialization Training and Research Hospital Dental Clinic
2020-2023 Bursa Private Life Hospital

Embedded Dental and Oral Surgical Procedures
Implant Surgery
Smile Design
Conservative Treatments (extraction, filling, root canal treatment)
Periodontal Treatments (scaling and curettage)
Teeth whitening
Prosthesis (zirconium crown and laminated prostheses)

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