1990- Ankara University Faculty of Dentistry / 1990

Certificates and Seminars;

1999-2000 Hacettepe University- Financial Research Center Strategic Hospital Management

2000- Istanbul- Aesthetic Dentistry Academy Association- International Aesthetic Dentistry Congress

2000- Newyork Dental Congress

2005- American Dental Society of Anesthesiology- Inhalation sedation practices

2006- Germany AAchen- Er-YAG Laser and Nd-YAG Laser Applications in Dentistry

2006- Florence- Dental Treatment With The Help Of Laser

2007- Newyork Dental Congress

2008- Istanbul- Turkish Oral Implantology Association, 4th International Symposium

2008- Istanbul- Oral Laser Congress

2009- UK-Botulinum Toxin (botox) Applications

2009- USA- Current Approaches in Clinical Practices

2009- Switzerland- Bern Faculty of Dentistry Sinus Graft Procedures Course

2009- Germany- 3rd Dimensional Reconstruction of the Alveolar Bone (Ring Technique)

2011- Newyork Dental Congress
2013- Germany AAchen Dental Laser Center - Laser Safety Officer
2014- University of PISA - Advanced Implantology and Prosthetic Tecniques
2015- RWTH Aachen University - Laser Therapy İn Dentistry
2015- University of PISA - Oral Implantology
2015- 3rd WALED Congress - World Academy For Laser Education In Dentistry
2016- CAD CAM Cercon Zirconium Cercon Systems


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