Synevo Laboratories (2017-2020) - Clinical Biochemistry Laboratory Manager, Responsible Directorate
Çorum Chest Diseases Hospital (2015-2016)
Hitit Un. Eğt Research. Hospital (2012-2015) - Biochemistry Lab.
Çorum State Hospital (2001-2012) - Clinical Biochemistry Specialist, Deputy Chief Physician (2002-2004)
Fatih reputation. Faculty of Medicine. Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry A.D.- Research Assistant (1997-2001)
Kahramanmaraş Provincial Health Directorate. (1996-1997) - Infectious Diseases Branch. His doctor.

Oxidative Stress, antioxidants
Cancer markers and Cancer biochemistry
Healthy eating and nutritional supplements
Perinatal screening tests
Capillary electrophoresis tests, HPLC (Protein Biochemistry), RIA tests
Clinical Laboratory Accreditation (15189)
Quality and accreditation trainings
Emergency and Central Clinical laboratory establishment-management and human resources-personnel selection
Effective test selection and test quality studies

Turkish Clinical Biochemistry Association
Clinical Biochemistry Specialists Association
Turkish Biochemistry Association
Turkish Medical Association- Ankara Medical Chamber

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