Dear mothers and fathers; now whole world puts emphasis on the importance of breast milk for the growth and development of newborn child.
    Studies of World Health Organization (WHO) and Unicef Turkey National Committee which concentrate on breast milk in recent 30 years reveal the truth that breast milk is a unique nutrition and its place in baby feeding cannot be replaced. Best start of the life is breast milk, starting and continuing lactation within 30 minutes/an hour after childbirth is very important. Breast milk makes contribution for healthy growth and development of babies on the other hand; it is an ideal and irreplaceable nutritional source which provides social and economic yield for family and country. Importance of lactation with rich and miraculous contains of breast milk is countless. Some of those;
    •     Breast milk of every mother is the most appropriate compound for her own baby and sufficient.
    •     Every time it is ready, clean and has a proper temperature.
    •     It is free.
    •     It provides %100 of all nutritional elements which the baby needs in the first 6 months.
    •     It is digestible.
    •     Nutrition with breast milk prevents from obesity in future.
    •     It strengthens immune system of the baby.
    •     It decreases the possibility of diseases which occurs at later age.
    •     Stomachache, gas, diaper rash and constipation are less seen with the baby who is fed with breast milk.
    •     It positively affects the intellectual (IQ) and emotional (EQ) quotient of baby.
    •     It strengthens the emotional tie between mother and baby.
    •     Concerns of breast milk relieve and relax the baby, reduce the pain and provide easy sleep.
    •     Lactation prevents the mother from breast cancer, uterine- ovary cancer and bone loss.
    •     Lactation provides development of maternity.
    •     Mothers who breastfeed their baby get their old weight quicker.
    As Koru Family we started providing “Lactation Consultant” service with the consciousness of how much important breast milk and lactation is.
    Specialist Özgül Kalkır, will solve your problems about lactation with professional approach.