2013 - 2016    Okan University
                      Clinical Psychology Specialization Master's Program

2008 – 2013    Bilkent University
                      Department of Psychology Undergraduate Program (Supported Scholarship)

2004 – 2008    Mersin Mehmet Adnan Özçelik Anatolian High School

September - December 2021   

WiseMind Psychology
exp. Adolescent and adult therapist as a Clinical Psychologist


2016 - 2020                           

Albaraka Turk Bank Headquarters
Institutional Psychologist / Psychotherapist
(In-house psychological counseling for Albaraka Türk employees and their relatives)


May - December 2016

L'oreal Headquarters
Institutional Psychologist / Psychotherapist
(As part of the Postnatal Coaching Service for L'oreal Headquarters employees
in-house psychological counseling and psychotherapy services)


2015- 2016

Virtua Psychology
exp. Adolescent and adult therapist as a Clinical Psychologist


2014 - 2016

Avea / TürkTelekom Headquarters
Corporate Psychologist / Psychotherapist
(In-house psychological counseling and psychotherapy to Avea Headquarters employees services)


2014 – 2021

Medilab Health Support Services
Corporate Psychologist / Psychotherapist


2012 - 2013

Bilkent University
Project assistant
(Language development, object perception and play therapy in children with normal development and autism)
research, hands-on tests and preliminary tests with both autistic and normally developed children.
conducting interviews, applying measurement and evaluation tests with families, pre-interviews)


June 2011

Ankara Atatürk Training and Research Hospital
Trainee Psychologist

June 2010

O.D.T.U. Medico
Trainee Psychologist
(Psychotherapy methods for school students and staff, pre-interview techniques)

Anxiety Disorders
Personality Disorders
Obsessive compulsive disorder
Relationship Issues
Stress – Anger Management
Sexual Dysfunctions
Postpartum Psychology
School Phobia
Peer Bullying
LGBTIQ+ individuals
Compatibility Issues etc.

October 2021

EMDR Trauma Training
International Emdr practitioner training by the Behavioral Sciences Institute


January 2021

Basic Trauma Psychology Training
Organized by the Trauma, Disaster and Crisis Unit of the Izmir Branch of the Turkish Psychological Association
psychological support training from the moment of disaster


April 2021

A Closer Look at Clinical Practices Mental Health Symposium
Organized by Moodist Psychiatry and Neurology Hospital and Moodist Academy
participant in the symposium


February 2015

Schema Therapy Training
Psychonet Psychology and Counseling Center
(Schema Therapy practitioner training given by psychiatrist Dr. Alp Karaosmanoğlu)


February 2014

Gestalt Therapy Basic Training
Okan University
(Gestalt Therapy Basic Training given by Ps. Dr. Feza Balkaya)


September 2014

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Supervision Training
Okan University
(Practitioner training given by Ps. Dr. Çağla Gülol and Assoc. Dr. Serap Özer)


September 2013

Cognitive and Behavioral Therapy Basic Training
Okan University
(Cognitive and Behavioral Basic training and supervision of Prof. Dr. Perin Yolaç)


November 2011

Certified Autism Diagnosis and Treatment Introduction Training
Bilkent University
(Diagnostic processes of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Types of Autism and treatment processes
general education about


October 2012

Psychoanalysis and Creativity Symposium
Galatasaray University
(Discussion of key psychoanalytic views and links of creativity to psychoanalysis)


September 2010

Community Volunteers Foundation Key Trainings
(Volunteering principles and group work techniques in volunteering)

October 2017

Effective Communication
Effective communication skills for office workers


January 2018

Stress Coping Training
Stress coping skills for healthcare personnel and office workers


December 2020

Psychological support processes for cancer patients and their relatives

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