2015-2019 Hacettepe University - Nutrition and Dietetics

Formeo Diet Counseling Center (October 2019- Ongoing)
Private Koru Hospital ( 2022- Ongoing

Berrin Yiğit Diet Counseling Center - June 2018-August 2018)
Etimesgut Family Health Center No. 3 - (October 2018-November 2018)
Hacettepe University Adult and Children's Hospital (November2018-January2019)- (February 2019 -April 2019)
Hacettepe University Hospital Kitchen - (May2019- June 2019)
75th year Nursing Home Elderly Care and Rehabilitation Center (April 2019-May 2019)
Angora Clinic-(April2019)

Obesity and Nutritional Treatment
Weight Management
Nutritional Therapy for Diabetes and Insulin Resistance
Metabolic Syndrome Nutrition Therapy
Nutrition During Pregnancy, Lactation Period
Healthy Nutrition in Child and Adolescent Period
Sports Nutrition
Nutrition in Cardiovascular Diseases
Nutrition in Digestive System Diseases
PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and Nutritional Therapy
Nutrition in Bone, Joint, Skin Health and Diseases
Nutrition in Nervous System Diseases
Nutritional Therapy for Food Intolerance
Eating Disorders and Nutritional Treatment

Undergraduate Thesis - The Relationship Between University Students' Social Media Use and Eating Behavior and Nutritional Status

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