Each 6-7 people in Turkey, each 10 people in the World are kidney disease. Chronic kidney disease or renal failure is para-function permanently or progrediens.
    Extension of lifetime, hypertension, becoming widespread of diabetes are reason for increasing of kidney diseases. Obesity and smoking are the other risk factors. Chronic kidney disease is risk for cardiovascular diseases, also.
    Kidney diseases generally do not give any symptom at the beginning. Thamuria, nocturia, urine bubbling, distension of eyelid, lung, abdomen and leg, rising blood pressure suddenly and severely, undefined weakness could be only in an advance stage.
    Diabetes and hypertension are the most frequent causes of the chronic kidney diseases. Applying changes of life style like salt limitation, doing exercise regularly and losing weight, controlling the blood pressure and blood sugar effectively and regular follow is possible to avoid developing renal failure. If diabetes and hypertension can be diagnosed early and treated well, it is not possible to have kidney diseases for these patients.
    Who is higher at risk for kidney diseases?
    People with diabetes
    People with hypertension
    People with diabetes, hypertension or kidney disases among first degree relatives
    Advancing age (over 50 years of age)
    People with smoking habit should be analysed.
    People who have signified risks ought to go to doctors for early diagnosis and it is necessary to examine their blood pressure, urinalysis and serum creatine level.

    What are the results of chronic kidney diseases?
    Chronic kidney diseases are generally silently proceed. Especially, there are no symptoms at the beginning. Thus, it is not easy to diagnose in a good time. Unidentified chronic kidney diseases have two important results:
        Due to losing function of kidney, renal failure can be seen, it is necessary to apply haemodialysis/ peritoneum dialysis or kidney transplant at this level.
        Due to cardiovascular diseases, heart attack, paralysis, vascular occlusion at leg can be developed. The risk of death people with chronic kidney diseases is 10-30 times higher.

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