Difference of Ankara in health industry presentation
Ankara is going on proceeding emphatically be the making of being a leader city in health tourism as in many fields. The attraction and powerful position of Ankara in health industry result from economic indicators.
According to Turkish Statistical Institute data, Ankara, is the second city with 4,65 million population, is the second also with urbanization rate (%97,1) and is the fourth with income per capita rate (9,056 $). On the other hand, according to study of Economics and Foreign Policy Studies Centre , Ankara is the first with 100 index value about rivalry index, is the second with labour market (95,9), is the ninth with economical effectiveness and dynamism index (92,4).
All indicators (doctors, pharmacy, dentists and hospitals for 10.000 people) are better than country wide when Ankara is researched from the point of general health indicators.
Except hospitals to be given service are in competition themselves, Ankara still attracts all new health service providers because of having a wide market, being a capital city and being placed in the middle of country, making a request from other cities, having the most crowded second population as we consider.
4.515 business ventures have being done within sanitation and social services in Ankara. This number is 48.709 in country wide. The rate in Ankara is % 9, 27. This rate is quite high when it is considered in country wide.
Ankara has potential of being one of the best health centre of Europe next five years with educated and experienced doctor staff, comfortable healthcare organization and hard liner from quality and scientific service that is increasing day by day as well as easy transportation.
Hospital be born from the power of Ankara in health industry
5 of medical faculties that are in the top ten in Turkey according to University Academic Rankings of performance- based are found in Ankara. Having a powerful academic and scientific infrastructure, higher up opportunities and qualification about presentation of healthy service cannot seen in private industry. In this point, Koru Health Group is the first private industry presented these qualifications and opportunities. It is the first time to have same opportunities with a medical faculty university.
Koru Health Group has two hospitals with 132 beds, display system centre, in vitro fertilisation centre, medical college and representation in abroad and also the new hospital with 220 beds in 36.000m2 that has technological and physical features.
Family model of Koru Health Group in presentation of health service
Koru Health Group is going on their way with staff structure which serve properly scientifically, trustful, group working, cooperation thanks to the impact of academically model. In this sense, Koru Health Group is going on to improve and develop with staff who work in determination.
Perspective of presentation health service in Koru Health Group
Koru Health Group have a mission being a health institution based on improving with real policy in parallel with the requirements, complying with the changes about all medical changes, having an aim to be better life thanks to care about human life, based on satisfaction of both patients and their relatives, following the scientific and technological changes with academic and ethic consideration due to founders who are doctors or academicians.
Besides, philosophy of being a reference for staff to reach their career targets is an important decision to be an institution being combined scientific career targets and dynamism of private sector.
It is continued to support the staff at the institution having an academic career so magazines and scientific platforms have been organized to present the services academically which has been given at the institution.
As a result of these vision and mission, Koru Medical College has been opened to educate medical staff who have equipped and sufficient practice because of the necessity in Turkey. The school has been active since 2013.
Moreover, one of the Project is establishing a university. Since our foundation, scientific development and truth has been helped to support our mission.
The technologic and physical infrastructure power of Koru Health Group
The new hospital of Koru Health Group, which is the one of the job opportunities in Ankara, will be opened in Çukurambar. Koru Ankara Hospital is placed on Konya-Eskisehir road that is one of the most important transportation arterial road.
With our new hospitals, Koru Health Group will take title as the biggest health presenter with totally 301 bed-spaces, 71 intensive care units, 31 new-born services.
Radiology Unit is going on studying of international to be the centre of radiology education centre with General Electric cooperation.
Also, Robotic Surgery that has been going on for 2 years gives a service with the latest technology, DA VINCI SI HD. It has been used on operation of urology, gynaecology and general surgery. With our new hospital, robotic surgery is also used on operation of thoracic surgery and has been planned to be used cardiovascular surgery.
When it is thought that there is a lack of using robotic surgery in countrywide, this centre may be an education centre with service diversity and usage experience about using robotic surgery.
It makes a difference with radiation oncology giving a service with utter technological infrastructure and man power, bone marrow transplant centre, IVF centre, gynaecology and perinatology centre, urology-uro-oncology centre
Koru Health Group has an important advantage of infrastructure about caring difficult and sufficient patients with 31 with a bed new born care and 71 with a bed intensive care units.
Place of Health Tourism
As a Koru Health Group, everything has been planned for foreign patients who can take a trustful and comfortable services, still has been given service patients coming from 41 different countries. Besides, Koru Medical College has an important role in this point to grow up staff who know foreign languages such as English, Arabic and Russian.

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